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December 16, 2002
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deviantART - Minimal 2 by starvingartist deviantART - Minimal 2 by starvingartist
I made several changes, based on the feedback I got (thanks everyone!) My first submission was basically a proof-of-concept testing how far HTML, CSS and JS can go. This one just tightens it up a bit more.

- Now validates as HTML 4.01 (yay!)
- Colors are higher in contrast
- Heading style are more consistent
- Centered images in sidebars
- Centered the footer
- Revamped the HTML for the userpages
- Changed the look of the tabs.
- Added my deviantIcons toolbars =D (Big Grin)
- Changed toolbar names, icon and ordering
   (easier to use, and reduces redundancy).

When downloading, the zip file includes everything except the content-filler images

Prototypes are available online:
- Homepage
- Userpage

Just for fun: I was also experimenting with alternate stylesheets. Those of you with a Mozilla browser can change stylesheets on-the-fly on the homepage ("View", "Use Style", then the name of the stylesheet).
- Change it to "Royal", which is just a purple recolor done in CSS (see screenshot).
- Change it to "Base", to see the basic HTML. This is the HTML without applying the CSS, just to show how powerful CSS is in completely changing the look.
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NathanTheMoldy Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*Timewarps* WOAH! Old since 1931! XD
You are very talented, and I wish I could have been around at deviantArt in 2002. I have always liked minimal/simple designs and I like this one. :)
juicethehedgehog Oct 2, 2008  Student General Artist
ah thats very nifty. now all i need is a way to have deviantart on my desktop lol
pendlestock Jun 5, 2008   Photographer
Aw this makes me so nostalgiac! I am intrigued though - what were devpacks and interactions!?
Wouldn't it be good also to be ale to search not just only for deviations, but people as well? and maybe tutorials?
madonnawayne Aug 13, 2006
Man. This gives me nostalgia.
Reminds me when I first came to dA back in 2002.
Man... I really like that Deviant Profile section.

Do it!
-grim- Jun 1, 2006  Student General Artist
DevPacks! I remember those. I like it.. I wish we had a choice of viewing DevART is various ways (minimal, normal, ect.) like you do with some forums or websites.
i thout the set up on this was familiar
i agree da has expanded and major tweeking would be need to make it work
the only problem with the old version is it felt clutterd
thanks for all your work man
vozzz Mar 10, 2006  Professional Filmographer
Cool, how do i use it? Is it possible to set it up so you can use with deviant skin?
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