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Dev the Chameleon Colored by starvingartist Dev the Chameleon Colored by starvingartist
Yup, it's Dev the Chameleon again! He's the neurotic, passive-aggressive, paranoid skinnable mascot!

why would he made a good mascot? he's instantly identifiable, he's likeable (er, sorta), and he has
a personality. since he's "skinnable", his style, look and colors can be altered to suit the needs of deviant art - from b&w line art, to a monochromatic tone or even (in an unlikely event of plug-in misuse) a rainbow of colors. heck, he could be a changed to a gender in-specific "it" if you wanted too. =) (Smile)
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BL8antBand Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Geico did well with the gekko. And the Chamelion is so much more talented!
I like it.
nice coloring job
Hehe, perfect. Great design. Would work well as a mascot for the skin community at the very least! The chameleon is the original skin designer :P
I luv dev the chameleon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Cute ^____^!

Absolutely love the colors on this little guy ^_^.
Yeah... great concept hehe loved it!
BlueBladedStar Apr 10, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
He's cute!! Me like :-) (Smile)
oh yea, this is a neat one..

This is quite damn near perfection as a mascot for devart, but i'll still try to win this contest...

- Now is all we have
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