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About Design & Interfaces / Professional Administrator Stanley SyMale/Canada Groups :iconcreative: creative
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:iconcvic33: :iconlostsoldiers: :iconheartstrings806: :iconingress-vortices: :iconruinssprite:
Awesome comic-con shot:

From left to right: (Thanks to Heidi for the image)
  • Artgerm - Awesome artist!! I just love the way he draws and how he uses color. He has his own studio (IFS), and he'd some work recently for DC Comics and for the Street Fighter 3 re-release.
  • alohalilo - The guy behind the artistic style of Lilo and Stitch!
  • Zubby - From Udon (UdonCrew)! Super nice guy IRL and he's doing some cool independent stuff with Skullkickers!
  • diablo2003 - A super long-time dA artist. I really like his Ultimate Marvel comic art.
  • spyed - Our awesome deviantART CEO!
  • DeevElliott - Previously from Radical Comics, he's doing some neat independent stuff (I heard he's been working with Jo-Chen!)

I wish I was there!

Check out more at the official deviantART SDCC Comic-Con group!
  • Listening to: Black Sheep by Metric
  • Reading: Mark Waid's Daredevil
  • Watching: Criminal Minds
  • Playing: Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition


Stanley Sy
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
Hi, I'm Stanley Sy. I'm a graduate of the Art and Art History joint program at University of Toronto and Sheridan College. I work behind-the-scenes designing "stuff" for deviantART.

Most of it involves hand-coding XHTML & CSS for various layouts (such as new events, news or journal entries) around the site. I really enjoy solving usability issues and organizing information for clarity, so it's been a fun, on-going challenge.

I get to work with some pretty talented people such as Pachunka (who does most of the cool front-end stuff you see here), levinet (who helps me out a lot), OliverJanoschek (who does all those funky Fella images) and many more.

Previously, I designed deviantART's Minimal skin. I also like to dabble in pixel art. You'll find a few of my little toolbar icons across deviantART.



:iconfish84: :iconvoltafiish: :icondeanedwards: :iconheidi: :iconcool-as-ice: :iconblimsanity: :iconhalfliquid: :iconsplat: :iconpachunka: :iconpixiegal: :iconpfoj: :iconhelldragon:

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
There's a reason `starvingartist is a senior member here at deviantART, and it's not just his length of stay. Stanley has continually given to this community rather than take from it, and as such has proven his resourcefulness in this world of art. We see his contributions in not only his comments and submissions, but every day in the form of both his Minimal skin and the many small icons throughout the site. For these reasons, we at deviantART are proud to award `starvingartist with the Deviousness Award for September 2003.
-awarded September 2003

Bolt Award

As a card carrying member of both the devious Technology and Creative teams, Stanley has designed and touched the very soul of deviantART. In an industry where many allow their ego to grow beyond their skillset, Stanley is a shining example of someone who brings his intuitive talent to the table with no agenda other than one to get things done to the highest standard.It's with great honor that we award the Bolt Award to starvingartist!
-awarded August 2009


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Attention, attention! This is a very important message. Read thoroughly!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement has just been published, and it is going to substantially threaten DeviantArt's life and future. This deal is dangerous for DeviantArt because of its intellectual property enforcement chapter, whose provisions could destroy this site's mission, which is to "[create] the cultural context for how [art] is created, discovered, and shared," and "to exhibit, promote, and share their works with an enthusiastic, art-centric community." On a larger scale, the TPP would also destroy the careers of nearly every artist who posts works on this site.
The TPP's intellectual property chapter includes provisions that could censor the Internet, endanger online privacy, impose draconian copyright standards, abolish freedom of expression, criminalize whistleblowing, and rob the public domain. Internet service providers could be held liable for hosting copyright infringement, and they could also be forced to become private copyright enforcers, forced to take down, filter, and block content with only a private notice from the copyright holder. So, under the TPP's provisions, DeviantArt could be shut down and its users and staff could be treated like criminals.
The TPP would push for the widespread use of Digital Rights Management software, or DRM, to prevent consumers from tinkering with devices or content for purposes that corporations fear will infringe their copyrights and patents. Consumers could be prevented from unlocking their mobile phones to change telecom carriers, and prevent documentary filmmakers and other artists from breaking encryption on DVDs or sampling online streaming videos, where legal threats could be faced even if the video is created legally. People with visual or reading disabilities could be prevented from changing the formats of books and movies to make them more accessible. Not only unauthorized content, but also unauthorized software, could be blocked under the TPP's digital locks provisions. There is NO EVIDENCE that DRM does much to combat copyright infringement or protect consumers from viruses. All DRM does is suppress companies that promote innovation, criminalize sharing, and hinder and break the Internet and new technologies.

This is an emergency. You need to take action before this extreme pact can be implemented. And if the TPP is implemented, our right to share, modify, and experiment with content and technology could be faced with overly severe restrictions. As such, this site could be brought to its end, once and for all.

You can help stop the TPP by signing the below petition:…
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Have a very, very splendid day/night wherever you are!
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ssparky1957 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015
Staff member,
I'm sorry, I don't know if you have anything to do with this "Core" business, but i'm really looking for a friendly admin for some answers. Why? Is dA in financial trouble? Everyone would donate, but this upping of prices makes it impossible and ridiculous for anyone to buy premiums. Lots of people are leaving. You guys need to fix this.
Thank you,
xXTheKilljoysXx  (My "core" account, before I deleted it)
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With this message I want to thank you for the great work you apply each year to keep this wonderful site.. Over the past 2013 years there were many changes .. some changes were not well received by users (such as changing the symbols to our names) .. some of the changes were sad (closure of DeviantGEAR) .. But we know that you do in order to keep the website up and there giving us the opportunity to present our work in the most - the best way.. We're grateful for every minute of your time that you spend on this site..I hope you will spend with your family and friends some amazing holidays and  new year be wonderful for you.. Filled with personal and professional success.. Much love, health, happiness and luck.. Thank you again .. Your work moves forward this site.. We appreciate your work..

This message it send to each member of DA Team  .. Always remember that you are an amazing team .. As individuals you are amazing people .. as a team you create miracles.. Together you can do much more, and you prove it every year.. Be always Deviants..
Happy Holidays DeaviantART Team .. We users ot this site  love you and always will support you .. :aww:
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Happy Birthday, i hope you have amazing day on your special day!Party
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